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What we do...

Making the decision to rent equipment depends on your event needs and priorities.  If your upcoming event requires specialized or high-end equipment, partnering with The Event Parlour can be a practical option!  If you're planning a non-profit gala, corporate event, or a social gathering, you can rely on us to simplify the planning process and offer a variety of items and services to help you plan and host a successful event.    

Determine your needs

​Work with our event team to create a comprehensive list of all the equipment you think you'll need for your event.  Remember, the size and event type will influence your equipment needs.

Talk With Our Event Designer

Once we finalize your customized list & event needs, we will send a quote based on our consultation and you'll let us know if you'd like to move forward to the contracting phase.  

Finalize Your Order

After finalizing your rental order, you'll receive a contract from The Event Parlour.  The contract details our terms & conditions, rental duration, the payment schedule, and much more.  You will then have a 48 hour timeframe to review, sign and return with a 25% advance fee.  A signed contract confirms your date & time in our calendar 

Wedding Ceremony Stage

Get Started!

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